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Price Prediction for Matic (Polygon)

  The price of Matic is inching towards the 15, 20 & 25 moving averages The yellow lines represent the range between which Matic has been trading since July The expectation is for the price of Matic to drop to 0.76 in the next few days Note: Trading decisions should not be based on the opinion in this article, investors should conduct their own due  diligence  before buying the cryptocurrency. This article is purely based on my own research and understanding of the cryptocurrency in the article.

Introduction to Theta Network & The Theta Token



Currency in circulation: 1 Billion
Market Capitalization: $9.7 Billion 
Price per USD: $9.59 (23rd April 2021)


I have been seeing questions around the Theta Network on whether Theta Token is a good one to invest it? Let's dwell into the Theta Network to find out.

Steaming applications have picked up a lot of steam in recent years .e.g. Twitch, Netflix & YouTube. The global video streaming market was valued at $50.11 billion in 2020 with an expected exponential compounded growth of 21% from 2021 to 2028. The industry is growing rapidly with number of individuals jumping on board to get a piece of it.

However with the ever growing streaming demand and HD quality preference the current streaming system is shrouded with a bunch of problems:
  • Poor Quality Streaming: The current content delivery network lacks reach, causing video re-buffering and high load times in many parts of the world especially the developing nations
  • Higher Definition Data Needs: Demand for 4K, 8K and higher quality stream is increasing which the current system is not able to sustain or provide
  • Centralized & Inefficient System: Centralized nature means less revenue flow back to content creators and platforms
The solutions? A decentralized peer-to-peer video delivery solution powered by the users. 

What are the benefits of this solution you ask?

  • Higher quality & smoother video streaming
  • Reduced cost of delivering video streams resulting in lower infrastructure cost in-turn driving more innovation and unique business models
  • Viewers get a chance to earn rewards as Theta Fuel for sharing excess bandwidth and resources


The Theta Network is led a by strong leadership team with a number of successful start ups under their belt. Not only that, one of their media advisors is Steve Chen the co-founder of YouTube.

Theta has a bunch of big shot investors on their portfolio .e.g. Samsung & Sony innovation fund raising $17 million in venture financing. 

With over 2 million current users and 300,000 users in 149 countries using Theta Network to stream within three weeks of its launch has helped Theta position itself as an industry leader. Furthermore to strengthen its strong hold in the streaming blockchain, Theta has managed to secure US patent for 'Method and systems for peer discovery in a decentralized data streaming and delivery network'

With experienced leadership, strong userbase, secured financing & well known industry partners like Samsung VR, Theta Network seems to be set up for future success and growth. Theta Network could definitely be in the top ten cryptocurrencies to invest in.

The Theta Token, native currency of the Theta Network is trading at US$9.59 as of the day end on 24th April 2021.

Wallet Investor predicts the price of the Theta token to increase to $20.5 in a year and the five year price prediction being at $55.4

Coinpedia price prediction for Theta Token sits at $20 for year end 2021 and $45 to $55 in the next five years

Note: Price forecast are predicted using mathematical models and shouldn't be used for investment decisions. Trading decisions should not be based on the opinion in the article, investors should conduct their own due diligence before buying the cryptocurrency. This article is purely based on my own research and understanding of the cryptocurrency in the article.

If you liked my explanation of the Theta Network & the Theta Token, let me know in the comment which currency would you like to know about next.


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